The Yin, The Yang, And The Girl - Aquarion Evol - Quickening Round 2 Entry

This video was created specifically for a contest that is currently running over on called “The Quickening”. For those unfamiliar, the basic concept of the contest is that all the entrants choose 5 songs and send them to the coordinator, who keeps the selections anonymous and the full list is kept a secret. The entrants are separated into groups and the songs are randomly chosen and assigned. The groups each get a week to edit and a certain number of editors are eliminated each week. Since everyone has their own style or genre preference, the contest is basically about the luck of the draw. Will you get a song that you like and want to edit with? Will you get a genre that you absolutely hate and it makes the editing a chore? It makes it fun and at the same time, challenging! You can check out the full Quickening contest here:

When Round 2 began and my group found out our song, Imogen Heap’s “The Walk”, I wasn’t too pleased. Not that it’s a bad song or anything, just that it’s been used in multiple popular and amazing videos, most notably JaddziaDax’s Walking in the Butterflies, a Loveless video, and Memory Flash³, an insanely good French multi-editor-project. For me, it’s something of a personal no-no to edit with songs like this. However, obviously, I got over it, it was just a bit of a minor annoyance. To make it seem fresher, though, I decided to find a newer anime to edit with.

It didn’t take long to find Aquarion Evol, I skimmed through a small bit and decided to use it. I haven’t seen it and in fact, hadn’t even heard of it previously, but when I select an anime-song combination, it’s mood that matters most to me and Aquarion Evol suited the song we’d been given. The atmosphere and basic storyline would work fine. Since we only have a week to edit each round, the more time you waste choosing anime, the less time you have to actually edit. 

I set out specifically to create an alternate storyline, which was somewhat difficult when some scenes that I wanted to use simply didn’t exist. Such as killing off a character that doesn’t actually die, but, luckily, [possible spoiler?] another character did die and I was able to manipulate those scenes enough to make it look passable. I filled out what specific scenes I knew I wanted where, then worked my way backwards from the end. I had to wing it for some of the sequences (I don’t think it shows toooo much), but overall I was pleased with the result. 

I didn’t watch Aquarion Evol, but scrolling through the episodes dozens of times hoping to find a stray scene here or there, I got the general idea. Anything else, I filled in online. So I know the story, I’ve seen the scenes, I just didn’t actually watch it. Given the overwhelming amount of “I want to watch this now!” responses that I’ve received so far, somehow I’m actually sort of tempted to sit down and check it out myself! 

I’m still awaiting judging to find out if I’ll make it to the next round (which should come hopefully soon), there are three other editors in my group and this week two of us are getting voted off the island. As I said earlier, it’s a very fun and challenging competition so if/when I do get eliminated, I enjoyed myself so it’s no biggie. 

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